Taking the beast for a ride! (20.1)

Hey everyone!

Since the 777 rework has come out, I decided to do a quick test run with Austrian’s 777 from Spokane (KGEG) to Paine Field (KPAE) as a nice little test flight to get used to new features and enjoy the update! All photos are taken in Expert server right after the 20.1 release. Hope you all enjoy!

It’s sunrise, the cockpit had a perfect timing while making a turn, leaving this beautiful shot.

Some time later, the sky had brightened up, and we’ve been given the go ahead to take off with a shot of the rotation!

A local spotter had found out about our test flight and made it just in time to take a beautiful shot of the rotation!

Climbing out of Spokane now, were greeted with some awesome scenery of the beautiful mountains of Washington!

Just a nice little view out of the rear seats of the aircraft 😉

It’s just like a commercial, pleasing views of the exterior, bringing out the airline’s charm 😍

Another wonderful mountain view of the cockpit.

Even it’s pleasing from the ground! Lovely close-up shot of the 777 banking towards the STAR.

Serious luck! 2 Austrian 777s meet with 1 just about to touch down and the other holding short. You can’t see it but there was an American 777 behind it 🙃

The 777 has been parked, testing has been complete!

Let’s see how enjoyable this update will be! Let’s to learn from, lots to enjoy!

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Lucky, haven’t had a chance to fly it yet because of the server issues


Thank you!

That’s an oof. All hell broke loose after I left 😕

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Haha that’s me holding short! Fantastic landing by the way. I really love the way you altered the shots


Sure is!
Thanks for the support, Lucas!

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I’m lovin’ it, awesome photos, @Tsumia!

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Thanks mate!

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Absolutely stunning pictures of the one feature I haven’t tried out yet. Stunning scenery in top of it make for an absolute great topic. Thanks for sharing!

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Always a treat to fly these test flights :^)