Taking The Babybus Transatlantic

Hello everyone!

If you haven’t looked at my last screenshots topic, here you go: My Longest Narrow-Body Flight .

So yesterday I had the great idea to finally do a flight I’d been wanting to do for quite a while. That flight would be the infamous Speedbird 1 flight, possibly British Airways’ most famous flight.

This was of course their LHR - JFK Concorde service in the past, but in more recent years up until 2020, this was done as an LCY - SNN - JFK service with the smallest A320 family aircraft, the A318.

  • Aircraft: Airbus A318
  • Airline: British Airways (BA/BAW)
  • Flight number and callsign: BA1 (BAW1), Speedbird 1
  • Flight Time: ~8h30
  • Server: Expert

And now, the photos!

On the ground at London City, getting the aircraft ready for the first leg towards Ireland.

Taxiing out of our stand to runway 27.

A very steep departure from this very short runway.

And after just over an hour of flying, we’re on the ground at Shannon.

Picking up a few extra passengers to fill up the 32 seats we have in this aircraft.

Bye bye Ireland, on to the U.S.!

Newfoundland, Canada just about coming into view.

Approaching JFK now, doing one of the final turns.

Doing the final turn to line up with runway 13L.

And seconds before finally touching down again after such a long flight.

And that’s it! I really enjoyed this flight, and I’m definitely doing more of these “small plane, long flight” type of routes in the future. In fact today I’ll be doing the return flight from JFK to LCY as Speedbird 2, so if you see that callsign in the skies, you’ll know it’s me.

Anyway I hope you liked the shots! Let me know what you think of them!

See you later!


Nice! I flew the JetBlue A321 in the game from JFK-LHR and it was a fun one! I’ll try it again soon possibly :)

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Wow! Great screenshots and a beautiful flight :)

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Amazing Pics 🤩

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Canarsie approach into 13L 👀


Not bad for the Baby Bus! Awesome photos! :)

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That does seem like a cool flight, awesome!

@Jinco Thank you! And it certainly was.

@ilijabgc Thanks!

@callaa Indeed it is!

@AviatorRyan Certainly not. I absolutely love this little plane and try to fly it as much as I can. And thank you!


i will be in JFK In 2 days for my flight back home great trip but sad to leave my beautiful grandma


Bittersweet moment I suppose.

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Yes it is totally agree

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Track me tomorrow as JBU163/B6163

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Great pics @T1MMY4L1F3_YT .
Especially your ‘approaching JFK’ pic.
Awesome…Keep going…

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If I got time, I’ll try to do that.

@Fayiz_Fayiz Thank you very much!