Taking the AirFrance A350 for a ride

AirFrance has one of the largest international network. And the A350 is one of AirFrance’s workhorse, with 21 aircraft in the fleet (and many more on order) it moves more than 320 passengers at once all across the globe.

Vancouver, Canada 🇨🇦

CDG - YVR | AF374 | 9hrs 51min

📍The Rocky Mountains

Bogotá, Colombia 🇨🇴

CDG - BOG | AF436 | 10hrs 20min

📍Ensenada de Calabozo

Antananarivo, Madagascar 🇲🇬

CDG - TNR | AF934 | 10hrs 15min

📍Helodrano Bombetoka

Singapore, Singapore 🇸🇬

CDG-SIN | AF182 | 12hrs 37min


Along with @_TIM_49

These are only 4 of the 230 destinations of AirFrance, so next time you’re looking for a flight, think AirFrance is the way to go 🥳🇫🇷


Great Shots! 📸


I’m not a fan of the A350, or the Air France livery, but man these pictures make it look good.

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Thanks guys !


The scenery on these routes look beautiful, I gotta give them a go sometime. Amazing shots Mathurin!


Thank you !


I flew on one from CDG-DTW a couple months back and it was really enjoyable and comfortable. Great shots too!


Lucky you! Never flown on it yet!

Does AF operate their A350s out of Orly or only CDG?

Btw incredible snaps 👍


They only operate their A350 from/to CDG. Orly only got 2 or 3 AirFrance’s 777. The rest who uses A339 are Corsair and A350’s, French Bee and Air Caraïbes.


ORY is a domestic HUB for AirFrance, meaning only their COI (Caraïbes-Océan-Indien) 777s fly out of Orly, which are the high capacity 777s AirFrance owns. The International HUB is CDG, were the rest of the long haul fleet rests.

Thanks Thomas !

Couldn’t’ve said better !


Couldn’t have explained better !😅

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Nice photos, in particular shot 3 is stunning! I had to check out the location. Dare I say your shot looks better than what Google images offers for that location. One looked a bit like a sea monster:

NASA (perhaps after heavy rain).

The A350 does get around!

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Thank you! The Bombetoka Bay is really a stunning place! Whenever rainy season starts, river pick up this flashy red soil which gets delivered in the ocean, offering magnificent mixtures of colors!

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Beautiful plane with beautiful destinations! Excellent pictures,


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Awesome pics 😎👍🏽

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