Taking the 777-300ER to the Black Sand Beaches of Bali

Auckland to Bali

Happy Thanksgiving to all of my fellow Americans, so being the American that I am, I decided to post a flight that doesn’t even remotely involve America to celebrate this only American holiday! I’ve been looking for 8ish hour flights to fly in the 77W for the last few weeks so I could test to see if I could use my IPhone 6s to fly without it catching fire and blowing everything up, kinda like the election a few weeks ago. I decided to fly Auckland to Bali, which Air New Zealand flies seasonally in their 777-200s, but we don’t have that in game, and I think the 772 looks too stubby, so I decided to use the 777-300ER. I thought about using the All Blacks Livery but, to be honest, I think the Black and White combo works better than the special livery, so I just used the normal one. The route was really fun to fly and the views leaving New Zealand and over Australia were stunning to say the least, and I’m only a little bit salty that they actually have Coronavirus under control. To my surprise, my phone never caught fire, and stayed nice and chilled for the whole flight, keeping it in the freezer really helped. I didn’t put it in the freezer, and you shouldn’t either, that seems like a bad idea
Flight time was 7 hours and 43 minutes.

Flight Details 🇳🇿• 🇮🇩

Auckland to Bali, Denpasar
Air New Zealand 643 Heavy
Boeing 777-300ER
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Pushing back and turning on the engines which will carry us the many miles to Indonesia

Lift off as an Air Canada 777 taxies in from Sydney carrying lots of cargo from MapleSyrupLand

The New Zealand sky in its morning blue as we take a nice steep climb out of Auckland

We cross the Australian border over Brisbane and the beautiful turquoise waters of a Coral Reef

The pink sands of Queensland as we fly Northwest at 34,000 feet

A full moon as we fly over Laut Sabu

I have no clue what that place is, nothing came Up on Google when I searched it up but Apple photos says that’s where the photo was taken

Cruising above the jungles of Eastern Indonesia

Putting the gear down on final approach into Bali

At the gate, the doors open as Mount Agung looms behind

As always please let me know your thoughts and your favorite photo!

For the first 105 days of their lives, Balinese babies are NOT allowed to do what because of ancient beliefs?

  • Touch the ground
  • Drink Milk
  • Swim in the Ocean

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The answer to the last question was Miami which 50% got correct!


Great shots! Loved the 2nd one!

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Wow, these are amazing!


omggggg, these are sooooooo good 🤤

lol, the whole country was in lockdown for 4 months tho


The US could never.


@Pilot_Felix thank you! I photoshopped the Air Canada plane in so I’m happy it looks good!

@MJP_27 thanks as always Mason!

@Aero thanks other Noah! The 4 month lockdown is definitely a drawback lol


Some amazing pictures as always! I do agree that the white/black combination looks really good if not better than the special livery of ANZ.
Always a fan of a great moonshot, but the scenery around Australia is stunning as well and very well captured too. Thanks for sharing ;)


Wow, What amazing shots loved the moonshot. 😍👌🏼🌖


Killer shots! Beautiful livery! Keep it up!


@JulianB Thank you Julian! [quote=“JulianB, post:7, topic:506863”]
do agree that the white/black combination looks really good if not better than the special livery of ANZ.
And I totally agree with you on this, the black and white combo is so good, but so is the special one, ANZ just has cool liveries lol

@Sphinx thank you! I’m happy you liked the moonshot because they are a pain to do 😂

@Skydriver900 thank you! I’ll try to make the photos even better lol


Nice pix but uhmmm, I never saw a black sand beach 😂


I like the last, wish that more planes looked that nice


@InfiniteFlight_Shots oops, my bad, I’ll pay for your plane ticket to Bali so You can see one

@AvChicken I do too! They’ll all look good when they get reworked


@NoahM Nice pictures.
Now you just make me wanna revisit Bali again, but I am in this damn lockdown.

Also, in my opinion, the GALK4C approach offers the best views of Bali, but since you were arriving from the south you wouldn’t be able to use that approach.

Lastly, sorry to break it up for you, the only place I have ever seen black sand beaches in Bali is on the eastern end of the island, so most beaches have yellow sand.


Thanksgiving isn’t an only American holiday. A few other places celebrate it. (United States, Canada, Brazil, Grenada, Saint Lucia, and Liberia, and Norfolk Island)
but you got some nice pictures.


@LegendaryRoro88 that’s really good to know! I’ll try to fly that approach the next time I fly into Bali

@Jake_Seitz yes, just not on the 4th Thursday in Noviembre ;)

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