Taking safety cards from flights

So, guys, I have a question, should you take a safety card from a flight? I know it is not great take a safety card from a flight but from lots of websites and forums I have read, they say that airlines will rarely try to track you down so nicking one from a flight isn’t a big deal. However, lot’s of people also say that just approaching a flight attendant and asking them for a spare is the better option as 99% of the time they will be glad to give you one. I may be flying very soon so what do you guys think I should do?

Thanks for your help guys,


Personally, I wouldn’t do it. Imagine you get off the plane with your safety card and the next flight is a quick turn around. The flight attendants were extremely busy and were not able to check each seat back to make sure that there was a safety card in place. A first time flyer sits in the exact same seat that you sat in and upon takeoff, the plane has to make an emergency landing. The flight attendants tell everyone to brace, and poor Jimmy in seat 26A doesn’t know the brace position because you took his safety card.

The chances of this exact scenario happening are slim to none, but I would feel terrible if that plane crashed and a passenger was severely injured or killed. The constant thought of “was that person in my seat” would bother me quite a bit. Asking for a spare safety card on the other hand, is perfectly fine in my eyes, because the worst the flight attendants can tell you is no. Just my 2 cents.


Um, kind of answers the question doesn’t it?

One, why would you want one? I don’t read them on the plane, I am certainly not lining my bookshelf with them.

Two, I heard recently of a plane delayed for hours because of the technicality of, you know, everyone having to have a safety card. So you would just not give two [redacted] about the people behind you because whatever makes you happy?

Why not just stick your chewed gum to the seat as you deplane while you’re at it?


Come on, are you seriously asking if you should do something illegal?