Taking radar controller for a ride

I’m Partha,

Bout half an hr ago I was the approach controller at KSFO…n I want to very seriously convey that stop taking controllers for a ride…just because they are there doesn’t mean u take them for granted

I had a just very hoorible session at SFO …I mean is it necessary for you to be stubborn and not follow instructions? Try your best to spam the freq as much as you can so that you can just get quick??

To be honest if I put you on the position that I was at that time…seeing all those shiny yellow lights blinking to its peak…you would just shut down the device and hope not to die!!!

I mean I had a guy who requested flight following to San Jose 11 times…that’s approx…and I was so much out of my head that I had to literally press the “stand by” button 5 times in order to emphasize…

After having so much of responsibility this is what it all ends…

Let me make one thing very clear

As a radar controller its our duty to maintain separation…so for that as soo as I logged on…I stated vectoring in the direction appropriate in order to clear up the mess which you pilots had made…after that on every single aircraft kept on requesting

Xxxxxzzxxx is xxnm to the xxxx of zzzzz requesting approach…u know after that

If you ever ever had controlled Eve on any server u might have seen and noticed that you cannot clear without giving a runway to a plane…so its very evident if I have to clear you(which ofcource anyone will on expert) I have to give that command some or the other time…

After all of this we receive complaints by pm telling us what to do instead of atleast giving us that gratitude…

You all people (most) know exactly how to spam the freq and be the troublemaker…after you are given have you ever taken a press of a button to say “thank you,good day”?.. We surely don’t expect that…but a bit of gratitude is appreciated…

Down here I’ll post a pic of yesterday of me controlling EGBB…this is how it was…and this is for all those who say…" Nah! When I was flying the airspace was not at all.crowed "

Thankfully I had the flow by starting early yesterday…

But because I had to take over from someone today…I had to post this

I hope people behaviour changes from next time

Note: this was on expert server at KSFO


I don’t think this happened on TS1 because London region doesn’t have so many flights on TS1

I’m talking about expert…I’m not so foolish to establish such big reality of ts1 for so lengthy explanation

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Haha yeah lol I get ya, the noob wonderland of TS1 is too much for me, surprised this happened on expert though…

That is something that shouldn’t happen on expert

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