Taking pictures of every aircraft in IF(part three)

I made a part three and don’t forget to check out part one and two, hope you enjoy…
Server: Solo
Aircraft: A lot of them
Time: A few hours

Let’s finish Boeing
Kick it off with the 757

Then the 767

Then the 777

And the 787-9

Then the CRJ’s

the Dash-7 Q400

And last but certainly not least, the 172

Hope you liked it.
Edit: If this gets 10 likes I will continue the series.


Cool pics! The 757 one is a little too dark. I had to turn m computer’s brightness all the way up to see it.

Has your storage run out yet?

The models of the CRJ have actually a huge difference. The difference between the CRJ-200 and CRJ-1000 is actually bigger than the difference between a 787 and the A-350

Its the Dash-8 actually :)


Nice! But i believe you forgot a Boeing aircraft. The 717-200

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Wow! Great shots

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Yeah I had a shot set up for it, but didn’t turn out that well

This was the shot


Ah, thanks.

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I didn’t want to do all of them

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