Taking Part In the Norway Event

So I took part in my first Infinite Flight event today! I have only just upgraded to the expert server and I’m still getting used to everything even this community forum (which i didn’t even know existed😬).

Anyway today’s event was the flying in Norway so I decided to do a flight from pretty much the top of Norway from the airport ENBO and then onwards to ENVA for a quick fuel stop before heading on to a VERY busy Oslo Airport (ENGM), and then finally I took off for one last time and headed onwards to London Heathrow (EGLL), and touched down in the evening sun.

I’ll pop a photo down below but also - as i’m completely new to the expert server is there anything (the more experienced pilots among you) have to say to rookie grade 3 pilots who have just moved up; i.e any advice or things that really annoy people - because I want to improve and also be nice to people :)

Server: Expert
Takeoff Time: 14:00(ish)
Airline: EasyJet
Aircraft: Airbus A320

(My fav pic of the journey):

Resting at the gate after a long days work 😔


Hey! Nice picture and it’s good to have ya here and on the Expert Server:)

Ah thank you! Took a while to find the right angle :)
Honestly I’m loving the expert server - the atc service is amazing and honestly I’m still buzzing from my flight!!
And the community forum is the answer to every one of my infinite flight questions - it’s great!!


It sure is:) glad to have you aboard once again, stay safe:)

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