Taking on Hong Kong Kai Tak


Having not done a screenshots topic in a while, I decided to make one today after a really enjoyable flight I did to the famous Kai Tak Airport, accompanied by @Igor_M, @AviatorAlex, @Alexian61 and @Ryan_Gibb who dipped after 2 minutes

But as I said, it was a cool flight and I got some good photos from it so here it is.

Flight Info:

Flight Number: CA105
Departure Airport: Dalian Zhoushuizi (ZYTL)
Arrival Airport: Hong Kong Kai Tak (VHXX)
Aircraft: Air China Boeing 757-200
Flight Time: Around 3hr

Starting off with the departure from Dalian in the Air China 757-200. This route is, of course, discontinued. Having last flown in 1998 (when Kai Tak Airport closed in favour of the new Chek Lap Kok)

Banking out of Dalian over the Bohai Sea.

A view of Eastern China over The Yellow Sea.

After catching up with some assignments, it was time to descend into Hong Kong. Of course, when approaching from The North, you get the wonderful view of China’s massive southern cities. This one was taken over Guangzhou.

Cockpit view of Discovery Bay on approach into Kai Tak

First to take on the approach was me - Air China 105

Next was @Igor_M who you can see banking over Hong Kong City Centre here.

Next was @AviatorAlex who was taking on on Kai Tak for the first time.

Last but not least, @Alexian61 on final approach (from a different angle)

And Finally, a picture on the ground of the 4 of us.

Thanks For Viewing!

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Looked fun!!


It sure was!

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Best flight I’ve ever done 😍😍😍