Taking off

I need help or advice on taking off, every time I do take off the plane veers right or left. Is it cuz I’m going to fast or the power is too fast?

Near to rotation speed, an aircraft’s direction will be more influenced by the air surrounding you, leading to lots of veering. A good way of imagining it is that during takeoff, an aircraft always wants to fly towards the wind, and will do so if you do not control your trajectory. The rule of thumb here is to remember to use the rudder, and be ready to point your aircraft towards the direction the wind will be blowing.

This occurs on most takeoffs as a result of crosswind, more info here:

It depends on the winds. Most likely you are experiencing a crosswind. Here is how I do crosswind takeoffs. First thing I do is check the winds and see what direction they are coming from. If it is not a crosswind then I don’t follow any of the following steps. If it is a crosswind, I follow the following steps. First you want to turn your yoke or sidestick (you do this by tilting your device) into the direction of the wind. For example, if the crosswind was going east to west, I would turn my yoke or sidestick to the right. Then as you start to gain more speed you will need to eventually straighten out your yoke or sidestick. As you are doing that you need to input some rudder movement. You will turn your rudder this time with the wind, so if the wind is coming from east to west I would want to input some left rudder. The rudder helps keep you on the centerline as you rotate into the skies. I hope this helps!

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Rudder, rudder, rudder! That’s the most important part of staying centered on the runway. Also, ensure your flaps are set up correctly, as that can make a difference. Good luck!

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