Taking off

When I am taking off why does my airplane swerve on the ground either to the left or to the right?

Because of the winds - you can prevent swerving by using rudder

These tips from the flying guide may be helpful :)


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When you look at the screen on HUD or cockpit with HUD you see the line on the horizontal, the line will lean down either left or right depending on the direction of the winds and you need to use rudder to counter that and level it before the front wheel lift off (rotation).
It will need constant practice, and even with many landings myself, there’s always room for improvement as it is tricky thing to master.
Sometimes the aircraft itself will veer slightly when rotated, and that’s entirely normal because the winds are too strong to keep it straight on centerline of the runway

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Your plane is veering left or right do to winds. Use your rudder to go against these winds, keeping you as aligned as possible with the runway. Take a look at the wind speed, and direction. This will give you an idea of what direction you need to slightly turn the rudder.

As others have pointed out, that is the wind acting upon your aircraft. However, aside from using your rudder to counteract this, there should also be some aileron input. Refer to the awesome tutorials that @Jet_Airways_995 has linked you above!

It’s perhaps a good place to note here that the aircraft actually veers into the wind, not away from it (which you might intuitively expect). As I understand it, the reason is that the large tailplane at the back receives the most of the pressure from the wind, and so the tail is pushed by the wind, meaning that the nose of the plane turns towards the wind.

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True, this is why prior to takeoff, one puts the aileron into the wind and the rudder the otherway. By how much for how much crosswind for which aircraft is a question of practice!!!

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