Taking Off with 25kts Winds

Hello Community!
Few days ago I was taking off from KSAN on TS1, the winds were extremely strong! Before I push backed, I was watching other aircraft trying to take off. Most of the aircraft were either blown off the runway or stalled after take off. So I thought to myself, don’t they know how to take off with strong winds? I loaded my aircraft [A320-200] with around 3,000kg short of MTOW [Maximum Take Off Weight]. So once I was clear for takeoff, I pulled the rudder a tiny bit to the right and then rotated. I was not straight with the departure path but I knew that the wind would straighten me out. So then it straightened me out!

Hope you enjoyed this little tutorial or story! Safe landings [and takeoffs]!


This is ins’t really a tutorial, but still quite interesting. Crosswind takeoff’s are difficult to master, and can be even trickier than a crosswind landing. However, I am not surprised that TS1 pilots did not manage to takeoff with that sort of wind. They can’t even taxi in a straight line.


The rudder helps a lot in this situations.


TS1 pilots are new pilots and most of them cannot takeoff in a weather like this. Experienced pilots used their rudders to takeoff in a 25kts wind. Rudders are useful for a situation like this, as explained by @Captain_Berto


Rudder help a lot. You need to kick it in the second the nose leafless the ground. Landing with a 20+ knot side wind is tons of fun.

Most ts1 pilots can’t take off with no wind xD

When using the rudder, it’s important to move it slowly and not really hard.


Move the rudder nice and easy.You may kiss the terrain if you bank recklessly. Be gentle with the controls. Then continue with the flight.

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Dont get me started on TS1. I often see people stalling and crashing into mountains, the controllers have no idea what half the stuff means ,will send you on guard when your at FL300,and more

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Landing or taking off with a 10kts + crosswind was impossible for me, until I saw Mark Denton’s spitfire take off and landing video. In that video I figured out that the rudder wasn’t just used for steering the plane on the ground 😂

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I only work with a controller who is an IFC or IFATC on TS1. The others,forget about them

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