Taking Off Into Short Final of Controlled Airspace - Bad Idea!


This is happening more often than not lately…whether I’m flying or controlling.

If there is an airport that lies underneath, next to or near a short final in a controlled airspace, someone is going to find it and cause havoc for the pilot, controller or both.

Example. I was doing patternwork on rwy 21 at KPDX while IFATC was active on expert server. Someone thought it’d be fun to spawn at KVUO and take off right into the short final for rwy 21 at PDX. This stuff makes absolutely no sense…why not just take off from PDX and do pattern work? Or better yet, choose a different airport!

Sorry for my chicken scratch…

I guess my point is…there are over 10,000 airports in Infinite Flight. If you’re spawning on the expert server and want to do a short flight into a controlled airspace and it’s not crazy FNF busy, go ahead.

We can do better as a community of picking nearby airports that don’t put you and others in harms way as soon as your wheels are up.


Some people find it fun to unexpectedly cut people off or throw pilots into challenging situations. Or even mess with IFATC’s work. This is a good reminder.

Much needed topic. I see this all the time. It actually makes me avoid to control at some airports because I want to avoid this. Thanks for making this!

A big chunk of users are toddlers below 10yrs they wana play only.
My son is 3 yrs old and hes pretty interested as i screen mirror the game on tv and he sits excited. In 2 years or so he will tell me he want subscription in IF, do you think he will file a plan and fly the aircraft via waypoints while teletubbies is showing in 10min ?

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