Taking off from Doha

The A319 is my new favorite aircraft in IF. I used to find it short, but now his bigger brothers look too long!

And I like the QA livery very much!


Im also.a fan of the A320-200 fly it around in UK British airways heheh

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Isn’t the first pic a 787?

Definitely not, i took it from tower as I was taking off. It looks similar from that view, though!

What do you mean by it is definitely not an A319? It is very clearly a 787 to me :)

Sorry, it is an A319, from that angle, it looks like a 787.

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Oups, sorry… i took a pic of another plane whilst taking off. It is 787… apologies!

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Just a simple way to tell is the engine, lack of winglets, gear, nose, and size :)


Let me add a new A319 shot, from today!

First replayed live landing… not great!