Taking-off from a yellow runway: chaotic!


Just now, I took-off from runway 22R at Boston airport. Winds were at 16kts and the arrow was pointing the left side. Which mean that just after rotation my plane will be pushed to the right.

That’s what happen, however I couldn’t deal with it! I had Back Angle alert, Stalling alert… the whole shebang! The plane was shaking from all the sides!

I did try to use rudder, but it was even worst!
If it can help (B787-10) :

  • Flaps were set to 15.
  • Rotation speed 150kts.
  • Weight, I don’t remember exactly but extremely close of the Maximum Takeoff Weight.

How to make a good takeoff in this situation, whenever we have to face sind winds? Because the one it did was catastrophic!

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Since your weight was near mtow, maybe try rotating at a higher speed.


This might apply to Commercial aircraft as well but I’m not entirely sure…

If you have your Yoke facing into wind and just before rotation level it off, that should help.

Again, this apply’s to GA, not sure about commercial aircraft though.

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15° flaps may be too much for a 787-10 in this case, especially if the wind is strong. Try taking off with 5°-10° since flaps increase the amount of thrust needed to keep the plane moving forward. Also, increase your rotation speed to at least 160knots, maybe even 170kts. Hope this helps :)

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You must be using it wrong if it made your takeoff roll “worst”.

Use the rudder correctly! It is designed to control the aircraft during takeoff roll, landing flare and landing roll when on the ground, particularly with crosswinds.

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No flaps 15 would be good still. What he should have done also is use a little aileron deflection to counter act the extra lift on the wing receiving the crosswind. The rudder use was good. He also would need more speed for rotation since he was close to MTOW. @MaksimFerguson that is correct. There are videos showing this when there are strong crosswinds. This is done to prevent the difference in lift in both wings carrying the aircraft off the runway here is an example of the technique.


Rotation speed is probably the only problem here. Be sure to gain a lot of extra speed and rotate around 170-180 if you are close to MTOW.


@Moosehead08 is correct. You need to have a higher rotation speed.


Try to use the rudder holding on too it from start not just starting adjustments when you go off course.

Take off at a higher speed as well.

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I also experiencing this many times, and by all suggestions to roll at a higher speed, sometimes the plane lift off before we get into that speed.

Example, I want to rotate at 175 knots, but when the speed reached around 160-165 the plane already lifted off the ground, and the wind already pushed it sideways. How’s the case if this happened? Should I still use rudder to level with the course of the runway? Or should I pull the yoke immediately and have a swinging take off?

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Can you be more precise please? How to use the rudder in a good way?

When taking off in a crosswind such as your example, it’s good to remember that the nose will always point into the wind. For terms of simplicity take this example: your departing runway 36. Winds are from 270. A direct crosswind from the left. Now, your aircraft isn’t going to make the whole 90 degree turn but depending on the velocity of the wind you can expect a slight crab (turn into the wind) by a few degrees without any input by you, the pilot.

You may have noticed the aircraft started turning into the wind either as the aircraft speed picked up while on the runway or as the nose gear was lifted and the main gear was still in the ground. In either, situation a good way to remember which direction the rudder slider should be pulled is “slide with the wind”. Going back to the example noted before. If the winds are coming from the left, gently pull the rudder from left to right, and bank ever so slightly into the wind. Only use enough rudder to keep the aircraft to keep the aircraft nose parallel to the runway center line. Once the aircraft is airborne, gently release the rudder back to neutral and carry on with your flight. Use the same technique when landing. Use the rudder until you come to a speed at which you no longer notice the affects of a crosswind.

Hope this helps. 😊


Thanks to all of you!

I’ve carefully read every messages and the good news is that I now know how to takeoff in this situation!

In fact, I took-off from JFK few hours ago on a yellow runway: it was far better compared to yesterday!

Thanks again :)

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@mcg… MaxSez: Wing Down to windward to counter excess lift to windward.The Rudder can be utilized in any evolution. Regards.

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