Taking Off From 2 Miles Away at a Field Half as Large as Your Plane Requires

I really don’t understand the appeal here. Okay, 40-50 miles, it’s a short approach, gets you some live ATC time, but doesn’t eat up too much time. That I get.

What I don’t get, is taking off from a 3500 foot runway in your 388 from a Field that is quite literally inside the zone where you’d be cleared for the ILS as if all the other traffic doesn’t exist.

(This particular image is the funniest because of the runways and the fact it’s a 388 taking off from them straight into the cone, but it happened more than once with more traffic; closer to the cone.):

Someone that does this, please answer a couple questions:

  1. Do you really think that other guy about to be cleared is going to be given a 360 so you can shove your way in?

  2. Why, precisely, are you surprised when I vector you away from the traffic and put you back in line instead of scrambling five other planes around?

  3. Does your map not work?

  4. Why in the world are you at 8000 feet already when you’re 12 miles from the threshold?

  5. Overall, just…why?


I agree with you completely here. This is very annoying when working Approach, especially if the frequency gets busy.

I should clarify, even though I did say it briefly; I have several guys that join me every session from 40 miles away or so. That’s cool.

It’s just these ones 2 miles away that are absolutely insane. And it’s usually with 20 planes in the airspace and they act like it all just disappears because they want that landing. My favorite is MMTJ for KSAN with 4593 inbound and they bolt straight for the cone. Yeah, not happening. Line starts back at LAX…


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