Taking my Canon T8i out for a spin with new Sigma 100-400mm

Hey everyone! Long time no post. Last year, I got a Canon T8i, along with a starter kit lens 18-55mm. I then got a 75-300mm lens as well. I haven’t really been able to use my camera very much, but I got a new Sigma 100-400mm lens, which allowed me to take nice close pictures of airplanes at my job or anywhere I go. This lens sort of replaces my 75-300mm as I was primarily looking for a lens with stabilization.

Here are some pictures I took with my new lens! Please note, I do try my best to take professional grade pictures, but of course, some of them don’t come out well, but I hope you like them! All these pictures were taken at the Portsmouth International Airport

FlexJet Challenger 350 departing from PSM

Allegiant taxis to the runway at PSM

Daher-Scota TBM700 arriving into PSM

A rare Super Tucano made an appearance at PSM

First ever night shot! Here’s a C-17 quick turning out of PSM

Embraer ERJ135 Legacy landing at PSM

All pictures are copyright to MHT Aviation Photography


Nice you should make the C-17 your pfp


Sheesh that last shot definitely has to be my favorite

Those clouds are amazing


My favorite shot simply because its the next plane I’ll be flying. 👀 🙂


EVERYONE Calm Down it’s happening


Either way beautiful Photos!


Awesome photos!

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Great shots! Nice variety as well.


Definitely is! It’s my wallpaper too haha, and the pilots also wanted the pictures of their plane landing, so glad I got them landing, very nice pilots!


Very nice shots my friend! Loved every single one!

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