Taking Home the Holidaymakers

Hey everyone!

A couple days ago, I had the opportunity to do a flight from Split to London Gatwick. Since Gatwick was featured and it was a familiar route, I couldn’t resist. I saw some running scenery over Dalmatia and the Alps during sunset, where I got the money shot.


Server: Expert
Flight time: 2:00
Airline & Aircraft: EasyJet A320-200

Hope you enjoyed it!


Beautiful shot!

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Thank you!

Amazing shot, keep up the great work

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Absolutely fantastic picture! Love the sunset view. Thanks for sharing!

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Amazing shot, mate! I remember I saw you on my way from Durbovnik to Gatwick.

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Thanks, I sure will!

Thanks so much! Glad you enjoyed it!

Definitely a great interaction with you there. Kudos to you that you flew to Gatwick at all.