Taking care of my phone on long flights

I do many long haul flights(9-12 hours). I am thinking about doing the worlds longest flight, New York to Singapore. But sometimes on long flights my phone starts to get really hot and I’m worried it will get too hot on the worlds longest flight. I have and iPhone 13. Anybody have any tips on how to keep my phone cool for an 18 hour flight

Here’s some tips:

  • Go into the tail cam and point the camera at the sky (this stops scenery from being loaded and puts less strain on your device.
  • Turn your device brightness all the way down
  • Put your device in a cool area of the room or near a fan (this helps massively)
  • If you use a case, take it off (a phone case can prevent a phone from keeping itself cool properly)

Have a good rest of your day and Happy New Year!


My longest flight was 13 hours, ran on low scenery , 30fps , and after 10 mins my screensaver activated to be dark. When I was need to check back on flight, simply pulling up screen lock. All the time my phone was on charger, i didnt want to get low battery signal .

Recently I play on medium settings , 30 fps. No heat occured yet, I can make long flights .

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Thanks guys I’ll try all that. I’d have a kinda thick phone case so that could be part of it

Happy new year to you too

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In addition to your suggestions,you can also set low power mode:)

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