Taking back reports

I reported someone due to spacing, and now I regret it. Is there anyway I can take it back?

  • The report button is no longer functional for pilots except for moderators, staff and a select group of people.
    -So, no harm done :)

Were you a pilot or ATC?
Edit: What @Luke_M said

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I was doing a fly out.

So, my report was non existent?

The report button no longer works so yes your report did not affect the player 🙂

That’s a relief. Thank you.

Does it also work for regulars?

No, chances are if you don’t know you have the ability to report as a pilot, you don’t have the ability and are not part of that select group of users.


No, it does not work for regulars. The report button can only be used by IFATC, mods and staff, like @Luke_M said.

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