Taking a trip to London in style! KSFO-EGLL trip report!

Hello everyone! I hope you all are having a wonderful Saturday morning! Well today, I will be flying to London in United Polaris on the B772 after a nice long couple of weeks here in San Francisco! This flight was incredible will pretty nice weather except we did hit a few patches of turbulence around Greenland and also once we crossed into Canada, but takeoff and landing was nice with low visibility in San Francisco but other than that I can hardly wait to share this wonderful experience I had with you all!

Flight number: United 901
Airplane: Boeing 777-200ER
Route: San Francisco(KSFO)-London(EGLL)
Flight time: 9 hours and 27 minutes
Server: Training

Here is the beast I am about to board at gate F13!

My seat 7A in Uniteds Polaris class looks very nice greeting me with a pillow, blanket, amenity kit, and with a nice pre departure drink, I got Orange Juice, as I look at the menu with also a nice view of my gate!

After a very short taxi, we are just about to be lining up at runway 10R, we will be off to London soon, It is 8:10 am!

And we are blasting out of here with hardly any visibility, but off we go, just 9 hours to go!

It has been just about 2 minutes since takeoff but I couldn’t resist showing you guys this view of San Francisco!

It has already been around 7 hours and we are flying over Greenland! This flight had been very nice so far! Rn I just got done having dinner, I had a nice salad with a cheese platter and I just pu so now I am on Hulu watching American Dad lol!

It has been approximately 8 hours since we took off and we are cruising over the Atlantic Ocean, I was just going through all the goodies in the amenity kit and about to brush my teeth since it’s the middle of the night, and also while still watching American Dad in my very comfortable lie flat Polaris seat, we don’t have that much longer to go!

Currently on our approach already, landing in just 6 minutes with a stunning view of London with perfect visibility and just small winds!

Just buttered, it’s 3:05 am just slowing down and about to exit Runway 27L, we are in London!

Just deplaned at gate 236 after such a comfortable plane trip! Thank you so much United for this wonderful 9 hour experience in your amazing Polaris class, I had a very comfortable ride and thank you so much to the flight attendants for dealing with me the entire flight, and the Wi-Fi was really fast so I am for sure going to be on more United hauls in their Polaris class! But anyways I am gonna get my bags since it’s just me traveling, obviously I am gonna get an Uber since I don’t know how to drive in England, and thanks again United airlines!

Thank you so much for reading and sorry for the delay on this trip report out of San Francisco but have a great rest of your Saturday infinite flight community! Here is the replay!


Nice photos!

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Thank you!

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Beautiful shots!! You have earned my official Seal of Approval for a topic with SFO in it! Enjoy your cookies 🍪🍪

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Nice shots bro! 👍

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Nice pictures man!! Truly inspiring

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I like the wing views!

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Thanks everyone! I really appreciate it!

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Very nice!:D

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New trip report coming out today!

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