Taking a trip to Iran

So, between the 19th and 21st of April, I will be flying out to Istanbul on Turkish Airlines. I will then continue on to Esfahan via Turkish, and head back in 11 days. Does anyone know the flight numbers, or want me to take a picture of the aircraft?


Take care, the Middle East is not the most stable region in the world.


What kinds of planes go to Esfahan?

Not sure…But last time I went there, I came in on an Iran Air A300 from Tehran.

Thanks. Just visiting family I haven’t seen since I was 8. But, Iran is Shia Iraq is Sunni, so I’m staying away from there.

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Have fun! Istanbul and its airport is amazing!


I think that airports in Iran are really bad, have a nice trip!

I am curious about this. As a Westerner, the consensus is that traveling to Iran is generally not a good idea. Please share your experiences and take pics if possible!


Sure, you can share your experience here! Just a bit curious about Iran since the economic sanction was lifted, and I would also like to see Esfahan Airport. Just take care yourself there, have fun! (Though maybe, It’s not a Good time to visit Middle-Eastern Area. Just Take Care yourself while you’re in there)

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Going to Esfahan, not Tehran, but thanks!

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I’d guess it would be an A321 with Turkish to Esfaran.

Flight numbers are usually varying but to around there you could expect about TK890-TK895.

Pictures are always appreciated!

Stay safe!


Good Luck…


Oh, Sorry I didn’t read the caption properly. But still curious with Esfahan Airport. Hope you take a picture about the airport

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I’m about to leave for the airport. I’ll see you all in Istanbul!


Have a good flight and trip!

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Say goodbye to your ESTA if you’re not American! Have a great time, hope you take a flight on an old aircraft!

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Sunni & Shia, Nerd. Get it right or its off with your head…LOL. Travel safe & smart. Max


So I just got to my airport hotel room. As I await my departing flight to Isfahan, I wonder what aircraft it will be used by.

You are alive! <3


Take some pictures too!

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