Taking a trip to a very unique city! KMDW-KPIT trip report!

Hey guys, I hope you all are having a good day! Today I wanted to do a trip report on a very short flight that I did 2 weeks ago! And once again I flew southwest because I love KMDW airport! I hope you all enjoy!

IAS 0.80
Training Server
0:50 flight time

Hi guys! Today I am flying to a very unique and historic city that I love, Pittsburgh! And I am going to see some sights and eat very good pizza in good old Pittsburgh, and I wanna fly Southwest because I love that airline so why not a quick getaway before I go home to KOKC!

My airplane, Southwest B738!

I chose to sit in seat 21A because it has a very good wing view!

I really love KMDW, its such a well layout airport! Comment what your favorite airport is!


Very nice view of Chicago!

We are currently flying over Lake Michigan

This has been a pretty normal
flight so far as we cross into Pennsylvania

I can’t stop looking at that view of downtown Pittsburgh!


Thanks Southwest for taking me to a place I really love to visit! Even though it was a short flight, the service and food was still amazing!

I hope you all enjoyed and please stay tuned for more Southwest trip reports! Have a great rest of your day everyone!


My favorite airport is KSEA! The runway design is good and it is my home airport!

I hope you enjoyed your flight!

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Thank you @FlyingWizard20! I also like KSEA!

As a Pittsburgher, I approve!

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Thank you! I love Pittsburgh, I go there to visit family a lot!

I see you’re from OKC! I am as well and (if you are ok with it) may I ask where in OK do you live?

I’m in edmond

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I don’t actually live in Oklahoma City I live in Dallas, it’s a fake person who flys Southwest a lot!😂 KBUR-KMDW-KPIT and soon KDAL!

But I still do love KMDW airport!

Ah, i see. I always find a way to do something like that haha!

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KPIT-KDAL and then KDAL-KSRQ will come out within the next 2 weeks!

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