Taking a Trip Down Memory Lane

So I used to play IF when I was about 11 years old, I remember I couldn’t figure out how to land for weeks, and once I did, I remember I would fly between Midway and O Hare and between 2 random airports in Singapore. Eventually I decided to start logging flights.
Starting on January 22, 2016 I logged all of my flights, I logged 170 flights until I suddenly stopped with my last flight being Portland to Seattle on September 22, 2017, 609 days later. I thought I was being realistic but I would fly the 77W and 757s that I bought between little municipal airports. I thought long flights were 1 hour and it was rare that I ever flew those (When there was a San Francisco and SoCal region so there were no big regions). For some reason I always cruised at 10,000 feet, and took off, cruised, and landed at 180 knots (don’t ask me why). I would use any livery on any route. Like using the Etihad 77W on a flight between Chicago and Milwaukee. I remember how fun flying into SFO was over the salt flats on the bay, and when I bought the Hawaii region and how I would fly between the magical islands that I thought I would never see in real life. Then on July 22 of this year (A lot of 22s huh) my family and I went to Hawaii. We flew past those beautiful salt flats of San Francisco and into the majestic Hawaiian islands I thought I would never see. After being out of aviation for almost 2 years, as soon as we descended into the Bay of SFO in that United 757 (I also flew on UA 777 going back to EWR 2 weeks later, so I flew on both of planes I bought in IF) all my aviation knowledge came rushing back. That brought me back into IF where I am today. Here are a few of my favorite pages in my “logbook” from 2016-2017

I actually labeled whether I landed or crashed 😬

And keep in mind this is my 11 year old neatness, so it’s changed, maybe


It’s cool how you log all your flights by paper


Good to know I’m not the only one who logs my flights.


Really cool, like this idea. I just use the default IF one.

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That’s a really cool idea! Must bring back memories lol! I just use the default IF logbook tho, like @Butter_Boi


That’s actually a good idea to log flights by paper. I should start doing that

My first flights in non-pro IF were from KGRB to KORD with an Air France 77W (Skyteam livery). I remember cruising at 6,000 feet, with a KIAS of 349. Ahh, the good old days.

I like the fact that you logged your flights, though. That’s pretty cool, and they looked detailed, so props to you for that.

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That’s so cool! I might try it.

It’s nice to see pepole using realistic methods to log their flights. I am just using my replay files to see my important flights.

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