Taking A Deeper Look Into JFK "Aviation High"

So I happened to come across this article this evening and figured I’d share with the community. Just some inspiration for our community of aspiring aviation career seekers looking to attend a program with a very successful job offer rate. Feel free to add additional hidden aviation high school cool facts.http://www.npr.org/sections/ed/2016/05/06/472545951/deep-inside-new-yorks-jfk-airport-theres-a-high-school

Photo credit to Gabriell Emanuel NPR

Excerpt from the article-

New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport is among the busiest in the country: More than 1,000 flights touch down and take off each day. More than 50 million passengers hurry through its gates each year. But something else is happening, too. Not far from the waxed floors of the terminals and the automated voice proclaiming the end of the moving walkway, there’s a school. And a classroom that has six wheels, two wings and a tail. It is a Boeing 727, parked on the tarmac near the hangars and warehouses."


Damn. That’s awesome. Who would’ve thought, and just when I was starting to think New York had it all. Now I’m wishing I could go back to freshman year of high school and apply/look into this. Haha.


Same here, I though NY had all!

I think this is just awesome!

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