Taking a day trip to Los Angeles! KIAH-KLAX trip report!

Hi guys! Today I wanted to do my second to last trip report before the holidays! So I decided to make a good old trip report into an airport I fly to a lot that I did a month ago! I hope you all enjoy!

IAS 0.88
Training Server
Flight time: 2:47

Hello everyone! Today I am flying to KLAX for a last business trip before Christmas! And then I will head to KMIA the day afterwards to visit a lot of my relatives for Christmas!

My airplane, United B772!

My seat 3L, business class as always!


KAUS airport

Some views of western Texas, it has been a pretty quiet flight so far

Phoenix, Arizona!

I always gotta love this view on approach into KLAX!


KLAX is busy as always with having a small delay into the gate.

Thanks so much United for always making my trip experience so amazing whenever I fly your airline! I had a nice early morning flight and I hope to be on more business class trips in the future!

I hope you all have enjoyed and merry Christmas!


Thanks for the likes!