Taking a Co-worker for lunch!

Hello IFC, This afternoon myself my brother and a co worker went up to KRUE from my home base to get burgers.! This was his first time flying in a small Cessna and he loved it! The flights were a little bumpy but he handled it like a pro. This was my second time flying this month as I started a new job and it’s kept me busy.! Here’s a few pictures from the trip

IMG_5870 IMG_5871 IMG_5872


That burger suddenly made me hungry


Haha. I love this places burgers. There so fresh and delicious

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Very kind! That burger looked great, I want one know!

Also try to reframe from using more than 10 photos per post :D


i believe that rule only applies to the spotting category! If not a moderator can tell me but from last I heard that was the rule!

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Alright then, if you think so. Everywhere I’ve seen it, it has always been 10 photos per post, no matter what.

Also no need for the exclamation points, they imply that you are being aggressive with your statement.


na. im not aggresive, its pretty much how i type with everything. its my form of punctuation.

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