Taking a closer look

Hello there fellow humans.
I took some time out of my day to appreciate the fantastic detaisl in the newly reworked 757.

All these updates have been absoloutly stunning but many of the small details aren´t appreciated as much as they should be!

All Pictures were taken in the Replay mode and on no specific flight.

Check out the last Post here: It’s the little things
Thank you for taking a look!


Wow! Looks so good 👌🏻!

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I agree! Looks amazing

Beautiful pictures, I love them Oskar!

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Interesting perspectives for sure. Well done, Oskar!

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Don’t forget the RAT 😉

(It’s up in the wingbox, right behind the right wing)

Woah. Really cool perspective! Never thought about this before!

Those are some really crisp shots, Oskar. Looking really nice!

Wow! Really goes to show how far the Infinite Flight team have come in terms of detail! Great photos to highlight their work

Oh my lord the first one looks unreal. Unbelievable, well done