Taking a break

Hi everybody I will take a long break from infinite flight I am saying
That because I got a violation 365 days on Expert server I accidentally
Was taxiing in to a aircraft I forgot the parking breaks
I just not want to use my money every month to get Access to the training server for a year so I get back on the expert server 27 nov

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Hey, everyone makes mistakes however these mistakes can be turned into lessons.

Just because you made a mistake doesn’t mean it is the end of the world, you just have to work past that and improve.

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Lifehack: Make a new account


Dont give people those ideas… thats why we have so many trolls on the servers


I got a 1 yr ban too. I eventually just stopped playing bcs i got a PC. Look in my opinion bans are necessary. But i dont think fof anything over a month. A year is a long long time. But you’ll be back soon ish.

when I got a 1 year ban in 2021 I just uninstall the game and the Community and went dark and never touched the game Intel I say a post on Instagram and release my 1 year ban was over on Jan 4 of last year and I got on the expert sever but yes if you get a 365 day ban I don’t think it is worth playing because you will just wast your money and expert server is the only fun server all the other ones is for people who don’t care most of the time


Hi Devs,

I think Infinite Flight must consider a ban limit for in-game vios, maybe 3 - 5 days is enough, because:

  1. There must be an optimal ban limit that exist, where it serves the most educational effectiveness.
    A ban over that optimal limit will be unproductive to both users and app, nor educational. It’s an in-game violation, not a criminal case.

  2. Infinite Flight loses money. This is counter-intuitive for any business endeavours.

Hope this makes sense :)

And @Maxford … HOW in the world did you get 365 DAYS of ban???😱😱😱

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He didn’t.
But he’s most likely received more than 5 Level 2/3 violations during the past 12 months which effectively restricts him from accessing Expert until the oldest of those violations becomes more than 12 months.

It’s currently 7 days. Unless you get a lot of them within 12 months.


Disagreed. You’re still allowed on the Training Server, where you can learn how to fly more professionally, and return to the Expert Server a better pilot. The Expert Server is not the be all and end all of Infinite Flight.

If a user gets more than five Level 2/3 violations, they definitely need to spend more time learning on Training before returning to Expert.


from this topic yes

Sorry, not sure what you mean?



I doubt it’d take them 365 days to “learn”. They weren’t being that dumb, they were either careless, trolling or need more knowledge :D

and prompting a loss of income to Infinite Flight in the process.

Always take worst risk scenario: 35 -70% users got banned for 365 days… how will the company run?
In between, a competitor app just got released - voila, instant new customer loyalty!

But I must disagree with this though, my friend:

No way! Once you go expert… … … … :D :D :D

i mean in this topic he got more than 5 level 2/3 violations

Yes. But he’s still not banned 365 days…

i think @Maxford you can go back to the expert server in 11/26/2022 18:21Z if you don’t get more level 2/3 violations after that do a quick flight on any server to refresh you stats

and also may i ask how many level 2/3 violations do you got?

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So far, i haven’t seen a single user who’s received that many violations within 1 day to get restricted for 365 days.

Ever thought about the users who stop using Infinite Flight because of that user trolling or just generally misbehaving on Expert?

Highly unlikely scenario.


…you’d best learn how to stay there. Going “back” to training is not necessarily a punishment. It’s a way of staying in touch with the professionalism needed for the Expert Server.

This is an excellent resource to learn:


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