Taking a break

Hey everyone, I sadly will be taking a break from the IFC and IF. I am going to cancel my pro subscription so you won’t see me online anymore. I will still go on to the IFC from time to time, but you won’t see me online as much as I used to. My subscription ends on July 3, and I will try my best to do flights before then. Thanks to everyone who made me feel welcomed in this community, and thanks to the staff for keeping it safe and making such a great flight simulator!


Good to hear you will remain on the forum but sad to see you go! Hope to see you again in the virtual skies soon.

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Sad to see you go, dude! 👋

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I hope you will come back to IF someday! It’s great that you are going to stay on the forum 🙂

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See you July 4th 👋

On another note, have fun whilst you’re off living your life at home, and see you again here soon™️ 🙃


I canceled mine after 2 months and grade 4. I feel quite better today, flying something better

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