Taking a break from IFC

I Don’t know if these topics are still aloud but here

I had lots of fun on the IFC for almost a year and being so active all around with making topics and making friends… but I might take a break since I haven’t been talking much since I had other stuff to do IRL an I haven’t caught up much lately with interesting topics and many friends I have.

Also I have life catching up to do and school so that matters to me since I have been doing much HW, little missing assignments and redo some work everyday online which can be stressful sometimes but At least I have time to do this.

I might come back in Mid February for 1 Topic and go back to my break, Im gonna come back fully around June (Or the Day School ends) or when the next update comes out

Don’t worry im still gonna be flying around the Simulator like 2-4 times a day just not the community

Anyway see you guys in like 1 or 5 months…Goodbye for now

Sorry if this is kinda sloppy



No worries at all! We’ll be here when you choose to return! Have a nice break!