Taking a 90 degree turn using rudder

Plz explain me
If i take a 90 degree turn by using rudder , my speed turns to zero and if my speed is more, than it will be kept reducing. And in a pushback operation i do the same thing, my speed in the pushback operation reduce and my plane stops.
Plz help me with that.
Thank you.

Could you elaborate a little more? I don’t fully understand your situation here, a picture explaining the problem would be beneficial too.

I believe i know how to help with your pushback situation, don’t go full rudder, because the tires of the front truck cannot roll if they are at 90 degrees

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It may be how hard you use the rudder, if you jam it all the way and quickly then your speed will likely be affected.

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I think his problem is when he’s taxing with a big plane he takes too sharp turns


Lowering the weight helps too
Also try keeping some power and if you slow down stop turning until you gain a knot or two and only the continue turning

hope that helps

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90 degree turns are hard in real life too for big planes so they try to avoid them

the maximum speed the pushback truck offers is 3 knots…at that speed there is zero-little momentum to move a heavy aircraft who has their wheels placed at a tight angle…try

  • push-backing gently {on a scale of 0-10 and 0- (-10), use at the max 0-7/8 and 0- (-7/-8)…}

  • have less weight

  • use a lighter aircraft

90 degree turns on the ground are especially hard to make in large aircraft.

You have wheels in the back which are going straight and a front wheel that is turned 90 left/right. You cannot go forward because the wheel is “locked” for lack of a better word. Try doing this on a bicycle or something.Picture a shopping cart/buggy/whatever you call it where one wheel is wonky. It drags…

Go less than 90, let the plane start to move, then you can turn more.



So how can i take 90 degree turn as i will go from taxiway to the runway, i would have to make that turn to be in the yellow line. Plz help me or suggestions some different way.

Our friendly community members have already given quite a few suggestions and guides on how to turn properly. Please check those out!