Taking a (11 hour) walk with the B77W | Auckland - Los Angeles

Hello and welcome to another screenshots and videos topic!
A number of days ago, I flew the classic AKL (NZAA) to LAX (KLAX) route. This is a really scenic route on the departure end and arrival end, and is always overall a pleasant flight. Winds were calm, we touched down on time, and we enjoyed beautiful views of both tropical and arid landscapes. Here’s a report in pictures of my flight.

Flight information

Flight time: 11h5min
Altitudes: FL310; FL350; FL370; FL410
Airframe: B77W (Boeing 777-300ER)
Server: Expert
Speed: M 0.84
Callsign: New Zealand 6 Heavy


The bird is parked at the gate, fueled up, and loading up passengers. Looks like someone on the stairs of a remote stand is interested in our plane!

New Zealand 6 Heavy is taking off runway 05R, departing East.

Some phenomenal scenery here in New Zealand.

Cruising at FL310, with nothing but the Pacific Ocean in every direction. The winds are placid and the aircraft remains undisturbed, zooming over the water.

Sunset in some random place over the water. All I’m thinking about right now is that there are probably sharks in that water right under me. Good thing I avoided an Air France 447 situation.

Turning away from the Great Wall of mountains, towards the great city of Los Angeles.

A picture of me on final except it’s shot like a spotter would shoot it.

Landing, passenger cam edition.

Taxiing to parking.

I did my best to imitate what a suitcase in the plane might see when the cargo doors are open but I don’t know.

Thanks for reading! I’ll see you in the next topic. I hope everyone had wonderful holidays! Now it’s just a matter of time until 2022 presents itself.

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Sorry picture 5 is a little blurry

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It’s not too blurry.

Great photos!

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Picture 5 because it has the best caption lmao


Thank you! All my screenshots are raw images of the simulator, I do not edit the pictures at all. I like to rely on angles or time of day to make the pictures look good (apart from the occasional crop or correction). That’s why sometimes they look slightly blurry.


Thank you, the caption was kind of just me making up random stuff as I go and then I read over it and I thought it was kinda funny.

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