Takin’ the Kuwaiti 77W for a spin!

Hey Guys! How are you doing today/tonight? This was a flight I did from Kuwait International Airport 🇰🇼 to Beirut International Airport 🇱🇧 a few days ago! So here are a few highlights! This time, I applied some of the Tips from @Suhas’ awesome Infinite Flight Photography topic!

Flight Deets

Server: Casual Expert
Aircraft: Kuwaiti B77W

Enough Chit chat, time to get to the point! 😈

Parked at Kuwait International Airport, with an Emirates A380 and 77W tail in the Background!

Taxiing to Runway 33L


This SID took me right over the Airport at 10000ft!

Descending into Beirut 😍🇱🇧

On Final, Runway 17

Parked at Beirut with @Dmitry_Gal!

I didn’t include a Touchdown pic, well, because, My landing was umm… I wouldn’t use the word terrible, except in this case 😂

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!شكرا لك


WOW! These pictures are awesome, Hussain! The Kuwait Airlines 777-300 is just stunning!

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Thanks so much dude!

Facts! 📠 It’s Kuwait Airways :ban: 😂, also looks like you’re back :D

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Did the same flight earlier, and it was really cool. Try to land at the other end of the runway since the approach is cooler that way

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