Takin’ the B777-200ER for a spin

Hey everyone! Today’s featured ATC region showcases some wonderful scenery and diversity! While doing a flight of 3 earlier out of Tahiti, I got the idea that this would be a perfect location to fly the newly reworked B777-200ER and get some shots on solo for my Instagram later this week. Well, I got a little distracted with getting the scenery in the image I’d say but was able to use the fantastic free cam available to get a moon in the image at a cool angle. So I climbed up to FL380 dropped the gear and flaps for the image which shows the great work that went into the gear tilt feature of this aircraft. Now, for the flight details!

Flight Details

Route: N/A (no specific route)

Aircraft used: B777-200ER

Livery: Infinite Flight - 2019

Altitude & Speed: FL380 @ M0.84 yes I know too fast to deploy gear and flaps blah blah blah

Server: Solo

Flight Time: 20mins

Time & Date: Between morning and noon October 06th 2017

I hope you like the image! As always, feel free to leave constructive feedback.


That looks great! Gotta absolutely love that IF livery 772 🔥


Thanks! The livery really is amazing. I love how detailed it is and the colors it has.

Yeah, especially the reflective IF logo on the tail 😍

out of likes, otherwise I would like your post

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Great shot! Beautiful livery.

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Not going to lie I do prefer the old Flying Development Studios Livery for the 777 that we no longer have but that is one stunning picture! Great work :)

Thank you! The old one was classic but the new ones colors mix perfectly together with the new model. The sun reflects on it so well.

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Great pic!! Love that moon and gear tilt.

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Thank you so much!

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