Takeoff without clearance incident made at WSSS

There was an incident that happened at a controlled airport where I was supposed to line up and wait and the user that was waiting for clearance parallel to me crossed the hold short line, lined up, and took off and I was amazed at how he did that at a very busy airport on Expert Server. Does ATC really have the sole individual discretion to report a user when things like this happen or does IFATC make sure that ATC reports misconduct? Since things like this should not be happening on Expert Server.

I understand your complain. It seems unfair. But this isn’t the place to complain about it. Instead, contact the @appeals team! They would be happy to help you.

Here is a little more info about it!:


So I can dm appeals as I would just like when I want to appeal my own violations for this?

I miss read the topic, I’m sorry, do you have the username to the respesctive user?

The pilot or the controller?
Controller - mwe2187
Pilot - Nel20Ch

So if I understand correctly. Someone did something bad and was supposed to get reported but didn’t?

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That is correct!!!

In that case, you should contact the IFATC controller that made the mistake and you can get started from there.

Just DM @mwe2187


Can APPEALS still be of help?

In this case, no, unfortunately. The appeals team is for appealing violations that seem to be unfair. It isn’t about reporting people who should of got reported but didn’t. Sorry.

alright… :( just seems unfair you’know? Because I can get a violation for a simple autopilot mistake but someone can do something intentionally bad and not have repercussions

Adding onto this, the controller makes split second decisions to give a violation in an emergency situation caused by a pilot or an uncorrectable mistake. If the appeals team decides it was avoidable or unfairly given, they’ll remove it.

As I sais. This can get resolved quickly if you just send the replay to the IFATC controller. He can get reported if they see that it’s wrong.

But if I just DM the controller what would that do? Since if they don’t answer, who is the appropriate group to contact?

It’s extremely low chance that the controller won’t reply because the IFATC is always active on the IFC. But if for some weird reason the controller doesn’t respond. You could go to the @moderators team. That’s just in extreme situations.

I reviewed the dialogue box and this is what actually happened: He told me to line up and wait before he gave the pilot in front of me to take off. What caused more confusion was the pilot was going very slow to take off and was still lining up when I was given the clearance to line up which caused two aircraft to simultaneously be on the runway at the same time.

This seems completely fine. If you don’t mind, could you send me the replay file in dm by using sharemyinfiniteflight website

I will when I land I still have an hour and a half left.

Perfect thanks!