Takeoff wait time charts

Hey IFC! So recently, I have been thinking a lot about airport efficiency, especially crowded ones. The idea I am proposing to y’all today suggests adding a takeoff wait time table for active airports on expert server, like this for example,
be put into IFATC.org, or even have it be put into the online flight menu in the airspace status table.

How would this ever work?
By possibly counting the time automatically, the time from which ATC tells a plane to taxi to the time when ATC tells them to takeoff. Then the time would be averaged out and put into the appropriate spot in the table.
Ex: After being given taxi clearance, it takes United 401 22 minutes until he is give clearance to takeoff.
It takes Delta 16 19 minutes.
It takes Speedbird 2 20 minutes, and Ethiad 172 19 minutes.
The average time from these four planes to takeoff is 20 minutes. Along with the time it takes the other planes, that would be used as the estimated time.

This wait time table would give pilots the ability to check out the wait at each airport, so they could decide if the they are willing to deal with thistraffic or not, so they don’t realize this when they join the line.

Let me know your thoughts on this! And let me know if this is too advanced for 2019, or if this is somehow a duplicate topic.

Pretty cool idea, but I’m out of votes. You have my support on this though!


I’m guessing this is the case with most of you… 🤔

This is a first for sure about hearing this. Although, we have the indication in the ATIS saying “expect long taxi times” which gives you the main idea and is pretty straight forward. Also, be sure to vote for your own request as well.


A simple yet creative and practical idea. You have my vote.

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