Takeoff Vibration/Rumble

Hello Infinite Flight Community! I hope everyone is doing well. I wanted to come to you with this amazing proposal.

Don’t you just love hearing that takeoff rumble of the plane on the runway while you are still taxiing in real life. Its really exciting to hear it as it builds up the suspense towards your departure. I would love to be able hear the takeoff rumble of an airplane in the distance or next to you. I think it would make everything seem so much more realistic.

The noise I want to point out in the video is the rumble before and after the plane passes the point. You can still hear the plane vibration as it goes down the runway. That is just one example if it wasnt clear which sound I was talking about.

Yeah I don’t really think the chainsaw sound is cutting anymore


Wait like from outside or inside?

Sorry I read what you said wrong. Both inside and outside you can hear that rumble of the plane deaprting.

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Sounds in IF are definitely in need of improvement. They don’t travel far enough. Yesterday an F-35 was flying about near my house and it could be heard clearly despite being above 20,000 feet. In IF it would be completely silent.

Yea exactly

Wouldn’t it be great if our device could vibrate when touchdown and going along the runway

LiveFlightApp has that feature

Liveflight doesnt have that feature, they are strictly flight tracking.


I mean if we could feel vibrations like when your phone rings

Yes IFAssistant has a vibration feature and it has camera shaking

Fwiw, I explored this with Fly-by-Wire. Vibrations/haptics are very energy intensive. Having a takeoff vibration on the phone could affect battery life and other performance while you’re on the runway.


Ifassistant just has shaky cam

up until 20.1, all the aircraft sound the same so yea theyre testing new water

For vibrations, this is another great feature found in the third party app, In Flight Assistant. Costs you some dough, but it’s worth it with all the features you get in it, such as shaky cam in takeoffs/landings

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