Takeoff V/S

Let me start off by saying that this is pretty embarrassing for me to post, since I am an aviation addict.

I love flying realistically, and one of the many ways I do this is by using charts.
Unfortunately, with all good things, there are some bad. One of these ‘bads’ when it comes to charts is the fact that a large amount of us don’t really fly SID’s as strictly as we do STAR’s, and I am also a suspect of this.
However, I do want to take it more seriously, but I do have a pretty hard time doing so. My largest issue is this:

What you are seeing here is the point of which you should begin your turn towards TT502, in this case, it is declared by an altitude.
Now, here comes the issue.
When I take off, I use a range of 75% - 87% throttle, depending on my aircraft. I rotate at the VR speed, but a suspect of my issue may be the fact that I only get my wheels off the ground at around 20KTS higher than the VR speed, even though I begin my rotation at the VR speed. Anyhow, when I am wheels up, I usually get a V/S of around 2500FPM. My main question is, what should my climb-out V/S be? so that I reach the point of my turn realistically?


Hey Josh,

It seems that all you need is the correct climb formula to reach your desired fix/waypoint. Use this formula to calculate your rate of climb.

Ground speed (in NM) [divided by] 60 minutes per hour (multiplied by) Climb gradient in feet per nautical mile (Located on chart)

Here’s an example:

If you need more clarification take a look at this website:

This is how I use it, but rarely as it is quite complicated.

Apologies if this is too hard to understand, I don’t honestly completely get it 100% which is why I linked you extra sources to help you understand this.


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