Takeoff trim set

Any idea what’s the aircraft takeoff trim set to?

Depends on aircraft and weight (percentage) really.

How do we calculate it?

I suppose it’s a natural feeling…the more you fly an aircraft, the more you know what trim will be necessary in relation to weight. I go on solo and do test takeoffs to see what trim and flaps I need for an aircraft I’m not familiar with.

Here! Have a look at this!

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Whatever makes the pink line disappear is what you want.

Thanks guys! See you around

I use 20% trim roughly on takeoff. Give or take a few depending on aircraft and weight but it is just personal preference

Hey! I like to use 10-15% trim for takeoff and 30% for landing

Nice nice!

Kind of depends on the aircraft. For heavies and the longer 737s and all CRJs I’d set +15-30. For everything else I find that it’s not totally necessary on takeoff.

Most Midsize Thingies around 20-30% on T/O
Big heavy long haul beasts 30-50% on T/O

On landing: Ater disconnecting the A/P (preferably several 1000’ above threshold) i adjust it until i can hold my device comfortably to do a good flare on T/D.

There isn’t a specific trim % to set it’s pilot’s discretion. Putting a certain % will just help you control your aircraft easier while flying manually (example try 5% on takeoff and rotate and repeat with 25% you will see a difference).

When it comes to climb, decent or cruise with the autopilot adjust the trim until the magenta line in it disappear. Hope that will help.

Note that jets with engines in the rear (such as the CRJ) will require more trim for takeoff and landing, and the DC-10 and MD-11 also require loads of trim to take off and land properly.

Cheers guys

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