Takeoff Tokyo

My first ever overnight Pacific flight
Initial plan was NRT-ORD
But misjudged the estimated flight time
& I was low on fuel β›½

Then I restructered my flight plan while airborne
Towards LA

But I had only 6 hrs of fuel, with that I can only make it to the British Columbia
So I slowdown my speed to M 0.86
To reach LA & surprisingly I had 1hr of fuel left.

  1. Taking off from Narita

  2. Typhoon πŸŒ€ is coming, Mt. Fuji in Backdrop.

  3. Tell me how to pop this pimple

  4. Alaskan Islands

  5. Touched

  6. Buttery

  7. LAX Tower


Nice shots! #3 is my favorite lol


Then tell me how to pop those😝

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