Takeoff Speeds

Hello everybody, I just had a quick question about takeoff speeds in different aircraft. Usually I fly a Boeing 787-8 and have gotten used to the takeoff and landing speeds. I was wondering if there is a way to calculate takeoff speeds in different aircraft? I have been trying to get used to the A321 but everytime I try to rotate, I seem to start tilting towards the left or right?

Tilting towards the left or right is due to a cross wind. Your plane’s nose will always face into the wind, so before rotation you need to steer your rudder just enough to keep you straight.


Adding on to Diamond, here’s a handy spreadsheet made by @epaga regarding rotation speeds at different weights. Keep in mind that not all aircraft are included at the moment.


Really nearly all I did was create a more or less empty spreadsheet and the community has been filling it in! If anyone feels like adding to it, just shoot me a PM and I’ll add you to the editor list.


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