Takeoff speed

Is there a proper way to calculate takeoff speed? For instance the takeoff speed for a 737-700 and an Airbus A380 are going to be completely different based off weight, terrain, etc. I keep seeing that we should calculate our takeoff speed through the weight of the plane but I’m not sure how to do that. Someone wanna help me out? I typically use about 90-93% thrust but for some planes the takeoff isn’t as smooth as it should be.

If you use FPLtoIF.com for your flight plans, it takes into account your weight, aircraft and the weather and gives you V1, VR and V2. :)


That is if you use SimBrief…

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For the most accurate results use FPLtoIF.com (if you use SimBrief). Not only does it help you generate a flight plan, but it takes into account your weight, aircraft and the weather, thus giving you your V1, VR and V2 speeds. Hope this helps :)

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Also you can use this post (it’s more for landing speeds but still):

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