Takeoff settings for best performance! (in my opinion)

hello everybody, I kind of wanted to show you guys ml takeoff settings that I use

nobody asked for this

lets say we are in a A320

runway 7,000+
30 degress or below
load= 85% or less
the best performence is 91% N1
so that is 85% POWER

if one does not match
runway= 7,000+
load is 84%
BUT it is 37 degrees out
then we go 100% N1
that is 95% POWER

if 2+ does not match Full power
EX: runway= 6,500
34 degrees
60% load
this would call for a Full power takeoff

80% of the time you will get a regular power takeoff 91% N1

I tested them out, and they work VERY well for me!

Thanks for this topic, especially the impact of temperature on takeoff settings! Below is a more thorough topic that covers every aircraft in the sim, including V(rotate) and trim settings.

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I should of saw that, sorry

No problem, there’s nothing wrong with this topic! You are encouraged to search the forum for similar ideas before you post, though.

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