Takeoff ‘rattle’

I have noticed on a few takeoff videos now that a rattling sound in the cabin occurs whilst in takeoff roll. Take a look at this video between 1:40 and 1:45: https://youtu.be/XdwN4LwwooM
In the video the rattling starts to occur at around 1min 40sec and ends at 1min 45sec. Out of curiosity, does anyone know where the source of this noise comes from and possibly explain it?

Thanks, Jacob 👍🏻

It’s usually the gear on the runway, as runways do get small bumps, nothing huge or noticeable to the human eye, but causes stuff to rattle as the plane is so huge and heavy any small bump can cause the gear to rattle and all the good stuff i think


We have that, but I believe it’s only in the cockpit and cabin view of some planes.

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It only sounds like your Phone/camera vibrating off the Window 🤔

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