Takeoff Questions

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Great question Commander!

(I have a binder of checklists that I made of planes that I usually fly, if you want, I can send it to you.)

Here’s how I stage my takeoffs;

I find if it’s a short runway (some long runways are at LAX, bigger airports like that. Some shorter ones are at Ontario, and San Clemente)

I usually line up at the very end of the runway so I can get a full start.

I raise throttle to 20% and dis-engage brakes. From there I make N1 80%, and if I’m not gaining speed fast enough, 95-100%.

Know your aircraft’s V1 Vr and V2! (V1 is abort takeoff speed, Vr is roll speed, and V2 is climb speed)

Use about 80% of the runway! At 70% of the runway, nose up, and then pull off at 80-85%.

From there, maintain a 45° climb for a few minutes until autopilot is engaged. Gear up.

Hope this helped!

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Seriously? I think you made a typo there.


You can do that if you want to be on 132 seperate murder charges and lose your pilot’s license. Or, you could maintain IAS. Simply keep the correct angle to maintain your airspeed (works best when N1 is 80-99%)


I just use IF assistant to know when to V1 and VR. As I fly only like one kind of plane.

This must be escalated and fast tracked

MaxSez: By guess and by God! Let’s keep it technicullay correct shall we. Each aircraft in the IF inventory has been tested and deemed airworthy… It’s normal operational parameters. (V’s, Ceiling, Flap Setting, N’s etc) have been flight tested and are a matter of record which are revised and publislied as changes occur) they are available on the WWW as Operators Handbook, Quick Reference Guides etc by model & series. They and the IF Tutorials are your source documents and should be utilized for flight planning & cited in technical discussions. The IF Forum on technical matters is unreliable unless the Topic or Comment is accompanied by a citation or a known trusted source authors it.
Google is your Friend!

(Just Checking: What does “VS” stand for? (Not VSO)

I usually use the app IF Checklists. It’s really good!

The ones i use give you when to use flaps, and cruise speeds and altitude, v1,vr,v2 speeds. It is really useful

Ok! Thanks! I’ll have a look at those the next time I’m flying


Whoops! Heh heh. Funny. Totally didn’t mean 45°.

So I’m not meant to climb 45˚ on takeoff? Is that too low? 90˚ okay? or is even 90 too shallow

This is a joke

No, usually I pitch up 10°-15°. Didn’t mean 45°

VS is Vertical Speed (the speed that you go up at)

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And Flaps, VR And VS depends on your weight some times

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They depend on your speed everytime. Also flaps and V speeds are determined by other factors like weather and runway length.

He’s aware, just a bit rough around the edges and likes to pull people’s legs sometimes. He means well and is quite seasoned 😉

Depending on the aircraft keep the throttle at around 80-90% and keep the N1 at 90-95%. Flaps should be put at 1 for small aircraft (cessna, fighter jet etc) 5 for moderate sized aircraft (a320, 787 etc) and 10 for large aircraft (747, a380 etc)

Flaps 5 doesn’t exist on the A320…
Flaps 1 doesn’t exist on the C172s or any fighter jets either…

What I mean is the second flap setting for moderate sized aircraft