Takeoff Questions

Hi! I’ve been taking off at 100% throttle and a Vs of 4000+. Everyone says this is wrong. What’s the recommended Vs and throttle input for takeoff?
Any help would be great! Also, what are the biggest aircraft allowed at airports? Again, any pointers would be appreciated greatly. Thanks!

Any aircraft. Small GA fields are for Ga aircraft, but most international airports are capable of handling the A380

Try to keep N1 below 100%
By the way N1 is the number above the throttle.

Also don’t use autopilot on takeoff.
Depending on aircraft type, and terrain ahead the VS can vary highly

Something like 10deg pitch is good. Also flaps 5-15 for Takeoff (Airbus: 1-2) depending on weather, aircraft type, runway length, runway condition (Dry, wet…).

Also check the helpful tutorials.


I usually use about 85-88% throttle along with only 5-15 degrees of flaps depending on the aircraft wait and usually in a GA airplane I top my VS off at about 3000 Ft AGL


Try to maintain around a 10 degree pitch for the initial climb… so around 2000-3500 vs depending on aircraft and weight. To answer your second question. Heavies are not permitted are only permitted at class Charlie and Charlie airports. Click on an airport in the map view to see what class it is.


I suggest looking for tutorials in #tutorials as they give demonstrations of the proper procedures


For me, i have read that 83%N1 is take off throttle, so I match that until with 65%=(83%N1) & right before v1 (the weight & balance makes it 155KTS Airspeed) whitch means around 145KTS airspeed I increase to around 70% from 65 just to get airborne. I use flaps 5degrees. 787-9. I usually do a 2500-3000+VS & around 205-235KTS Airspeed.

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Ok! Thanks for all the help so far! My usual would be flaps 1 (Airbus)/5° (Boeing) at 105% N1, Vs 4400, rotate 190knts, climb 245knts.


I think your problem is you are not using enough flap, and that is causing you to do a steeper T/O or climb.

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Flaps 5 is normal, but for larger planes like the 777 or the 747, I would suggest 10 or 15. And for the larger airbuses, 1+F/2.


Ok. More flaps on take off? I do start to run out of runway (I get to the opposite runway’s touchdown point) before I rotate


Yeah, it all really varies on aircraft type

Yeah, that would be a way to late T/O. BTW are you on android or iOS?

The heavier you are, the more throttle, if above Maximum Landing Weight, Throttle above 80%, if you are really light you can get a 737 in the air with just 70%. Do not climb at 4000 ft/m. Start around 2500 ft/m.


Android. I haven’t actually purchased any a/c (yet!)

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On t/o is there anything you have to do with trim at all (don’t know how to use trim)?

The flap setting depends on runway lenght, an Airbus you want 1+F and on short runways or when in a 346 have Flaps 2. In a boeing depending on Aircraft have it 10-15, longer runways put in 20 range.

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Do you have a screen recorder on it? If so record the takeoff

Ok I’ll film a t/o (but I might not b able to for a while)

Ok I can’t send it :-( file not authorized