Takeoff Question

Hi! When taking off, are you supposed to consistently increase your throttle until you are at your correct takeoff power during the roll? I say this because sometimes I feel like my takeoffs are too quick on the runway. Keep in mind I don’t use 100% N1. Thanks in advance!


Usually, pilots will make sure their thrust is stable and symmetrical before applying takeoff power.

What I usually do is set PWR to 15%, get the wheels rolling, then PWR to 36% which gets to about 50% N1 and from there wait for airspeed to be alive.

Once thrust is stable and symmetrical, I’ll apply takeoff power, which never exceeds 90% N1 on most aircraft when below 75% load, at sea level.

I’ve been using this techique for quite some time now and the I’m happy with the results, being realistic and not getting the feeling of taking off too quickly.


Thank you so much! So how many seconds into your takeoff roll would you say until you are at your takeoff power setting?


Between 5 and 10 seconds I’d say. There are plenty of videos on YT in which you can somewhat see what happens in the cockpit during takeoff. Procedure will differ from airline to airline but you’ll get the idea.


Also for vspeeds use fpltoif and just stabilize the engines and when you reach rotation speed gently pull back to 5 degrees once clear of the ground pitch for 15 degrees noes up if you’re adding power in the air that could mean you’re to heavy


Im gonna use this technique

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What I do is I apply a small amount of power until I hit 5 knots, then switch to 50% or something like that. After a few seconds, I’ll apply 80-90% power. If dealing with a displaced threshold, I’ll wait until I’m past the threshold to apply full power.

Sometimes, you might need less/more speed, depending on the airplane, weight, and the flaps you’ve extended.