Takeoff Problems

Whenever I takeoff in IF and there is even just a slight crosswind as soon as I have enough speed to generate lift my plane want to shoot way off of the runway. Does anybody know why this is happening?


Use the rudder to keep it inline with the runway

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I usually do use the rudder but the turn is so violent I can’t react in time. Before I know it my nose is almost off of the runway.

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It’s easy to handle with the rudder.

So what should I do?

True but why does it do that so violently?

I don’t know why it’s so violent.
Use the rudder after rotate and try to keep the aircraft in the middle.:)

Does this happen to you?

yep but as I said I can handle it pretty good with the rudder

Oh! I now understand what you’re talking about…you mean after take off when you’re airborne then release the rudder right!?.. Ok this is my suggestion and what i normally do…bring the rudder back smoothly don’t just leave it…it will kind of snap as you said…so just bring it back smoothly…no need to hurry…the rudder system in IF is that way so…so Yes it does happen to everyone


That isn’t what I was among about but that is another problem. So thanks. Also I have the other problem figured out I just need to not be afraid to just hit the rudder hard. Also why doesn’t IF fix the rudder it doesn’t seem to actually change the heading.

Really?!well mine can change 360° on ground :p and in air…please bank!well it does to but a little maybe a couple of degrees but if you release it it sure does come back to atleast the initial heading…don’t know if this helps

  • if you really want to quite master the rudder techniques… I suggest you using the spitfire…IMO it’s quite sensitive so any over corrections will roll it over or off the runway…anyway that’s my perspective✌
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Ok thanks I will try it. It is super fun taxiing tails draggers.


The rudder if not use correctly will result in violent surving maneuvers as a result leading to an uncontrolled aircraft. Proven ting this, is as goes, use the rudder nice and gently always. Also they are many tutorialed take off and landings on the forum. :)

that’s why they call it a crosswind, just keep you plane lined up with the runway as your takeoff as best you can when you takeoff the you easily adjust your heading without use of rudders

As soon as you hit about 130kts, tilt your device a little and lift the plane noise, still on ground. if you are not holding your device straight, it will swerve to the side and then you will control it before you lift off. Maybe yours goes to the side because you roughly tilt your device.

Turn off your “auto coordination” in the settings.
As you are accelerating push the nose of your aircraft down a bit. The stronger the crosswind, the more pressure you will need. This will keep your aircraft going straight down the centre line. Not to much pressure or you will collapse the nose gear.
When you are close to rotate, release the pressure and adjust rudder as necessary.

Agreed, I would also love to see realistic rudder characteristics. Right now it’s not possible to perform forward slips or rudder turns.