Takeoff Problem (737-700)

I’m having some issues with my 737 during takeoff. Everything is fine until I rotate and the aircraft begins to veer off to the right. I tried set the wind to 0 in solo to see if thats what the problem was any it still happened. What am I doing wrong?

Its the way you take off, try pulling up more that may help. This happens to me a lot but I use the rudder to counter it

Also try using the trim, I usually put it at about 20% during take-off

What’s your flaps setting and what speed you rotate?

Did you calibrate the device properly? Was your finger accidentally on the rudder? Does it happen on any other aircraft?

Your takeoff is too quick, try lifting at a slower speed with around 5° flaps.
Happens to me in the BBJ

go into settings…there is a setting for ailerons & rudder…dont select this…that should help a bit

You shouldnt takeoff with 5 degree flaps unless you have a light load
If you have a medium load or heavy load use should use 10 degree flaps or 15 degree flaps

Because it has less drag, better acceleration, better fuel consumption, and produces less noise, both flaps 1 and 5 are used by Airlines. Flaps 5 is probably to most common flap setting used for a full 737.

Try this to see if it will stop your plane from veering to the right.

Wih flaps 5, use N1 of 91-92%.

Calculate your V2 by subtracting 5 from your gross weight. For example, 57,798 kg rounded to 58 - 5 = V2 of 153kts. Start rotation a bit earlier.

After wheels lift off the ground, pitch up your attitude to about 15° at a rate of 2-3 degrees per second.

You will want to maintain a takeoff speed of V2 +15-20kts (16x - 17xkts) until acceleration height. I know Westjet Airlines pitch up to about 15-18 degrees.

The acceleration height is the altitude that the aircraft transitions from takeoff speed (V2+15/20) to climb out speed. This altitude is usually between 1000 and 1500 feet, usually determined by both company and airport.

Once the Acceleration Height has been reached, reduce attitude pitch by pushing the yoke forward to increase speed. As the speed increases Flaps 5 is retracted. You can engage the auto VS, after flaps are retracted, but wait until the bottom of your “-v-” in your attitude indicator is in the centre of your FPV (little circle in you HUD), to avoid the nose bump.

Climb speed is about 210-220 kias.

I know the fun and focus is on landing, but a good take off and climb out is just as important, just as difficult and just as much fun to master :)

To any real world pilots, feel free to correct me or add to this, because I am always looking to learn, and improve :)